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Daily Schedule

8:00-   Bellringer 

8:20:   Specials 

9:27:  Reading with Mrs. Anderson  ( online students logged into until 9:48)

9:48- Reading face to face

10:43-  Math with Ms. T. Staggs   (Online until 11:23)

11:24:  Math with Ms. T Staggs face to face 

12:19-  Science with Mrs. Ontiveros  ( online until 12:59)

1:00-1:30  Lunch 

1:33:  Science face to face with Mrs. Ontiveros 

2:29:  Return to homeroom :  RTI Small Groups 

2:59-3:25- Achieve on MWF 

                  Imagine Math on T/TH



Liz Anderson

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