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Melissa Salas

Welcome to my online classroom!


I am one of the school’s speech therapists. I work with students who have a speech impairment. This means I work with students on speech and language skills, including: making sounds correctly, using or understanding language (e.g., vocabulary, following directions, analyzing a narrative, etc.), stuttering, social skills and social language, and/or taking care of your voice/vocal folds. If you think your student might need help with any of these things and they are not currently in speech please contact me as soon as possible so we can get them checked out!

Resources for parents concerned about their child’s LANGUAGE

Resources for parents concerned about their child’s SOUNDS

Resources for parents concerned about their child’s SOCIAL SKILLS

If your student is virtual and in speech therapy I will still be attempting to have speech therapy with them! If your student is virtual please check their calendar under the “Speech Therapy – Oak Grove” team and see if I have scheduled a time. I will also try to contact you by text/call/email to verify a time beforehand, but if I am unable to contact you I may attempt to simply call your student directly on Teams instead. Let’s work together to make sure your child is getting their therapy time met!


If you need to contact me I would highly suggest starting with a text to my work cell phone! You can also leave a voicemail message and I can get back to you. Emailing me would also be good!

Melissa Salas

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School Phone:
637-6455 ext. 4110
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Conference Time:
1:30-2:00 pm. Mon-Wednesday