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Kashia Peluso

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This is my 4th year at Oak Grove Elementary teaching 4th grade Reading.

Previous Position:

I started teaching in El Paso Texas as a self-contained 3rd grade teacher in a private catholic school. I worked there 3 years when I moved to Lubbock. I married and stayed at home with my daughter unitl she started kindergarten. When she started school I began subbing at her school Honey Elementary. I enjoyed working at the same school she attended. I became a special education paraproffessional at her school Honey Elementary. I loved my job so much that I decided to get my certification in Special Education. I started looking for a teaching job and Brownfield scooped me up. I am now working at Oak Grove Elementary.

Family Information:

I have been married to my husband Mike for 17 years and we have a wonderful 15 year old daughter. I also have two wonderful fur babies, Leo and Lenny.

Personal Information:

When I am not teaching I am thinking about teaching, researching what I am going to teach, and creating resources for my class. Everyone at school knows I also love coffee, cold, hot or lukewarm is fine by me. I am a low carber and do not eat sugar or many carbs. It is a huge part of my life and difficult at times. For downtime I love a good game of Candy Crush on my computer. I only play on the PC so that  I am not on my phone when I have work to do. As a reading teacher I also love to read, and my favorite genre is dystopian fiction.

Kashia Peluso

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