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Katheryn Hall

Welcome to my online classroom!  I am glad you’re here!  I am looking forward to working with you!  Working together, we can accomplish great things!  Please let me know if you need anything!  Let’s have some fun! 

We will be having content learning labs every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00.  This will be a time we will meet together on ZOOM.  We will have short lessons and a question/answer time.  (It will also be a GREAT time to see your buddies!)  To join the meetings, just click on Educational Websites.  Once there, click on the correct day’s link (Tuesday or Thursday).  You will be taken to our lesson.  When you are prompted, please select to use the audio and video for the sessions.  Then our fun will begin!

Information about assignments can be found in the Weekly Assignments page.  This will be updated each week with new information.

This is all new to Mrs. Hall so please be patient if I make a mistake or two...I can almost guarantee there will be a few!  Oh well, we’re all learning together.  Together is what makes it fun!  Hope to see you soon!

Mrs. Hall


Katheryn Hall

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