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4-7-20 Perimeter 3.7B
Image that corresponds to 4-7-20 Perimeter 3.7B

Come learn with us!

4-9-20 Area 3.6C
Image that corresponds to 4-9-20 Area 3.6C

Come learn about area with us today!

3-31-20 Tuesday Comparing Fractions 3.3H
Image that corresponds to 3-31-20 Tuesday Comparing Fractions 3.3H

Here is the link to watch our first distance learning video. Feel free to pause during each question so that you can try to answer the questions along with us!

4-2-20 Thursday Equivalent Fractions 3.3F
Image that corresponds to 4-2-20 Thursday Equivalent Fractions 3.3F

Here is Thursday’s distance learning video! Come learn with us!

Achieve 3000 - Science, Social Studies, and Reading
Image that corresponds to Achieve 3000 - Science, Social Studies, and Reading

Achieve3000 Literacy for grades 2 - 12 is designed to work seamlessly whether in school or at home, so encourage your students to log in from home and complete lessons as usual.

Manga High - Math
Image that corresponds to Manga High - Math

Mangahigh’s games-based learning approach leverages the buzz and excitement of rewards and competition to engage students in their learning. Students achieve medals for each activity based on their level of understanding, a Bronze medal demonstrates a basic level of comprehension, Silver and Gold medals encourage students to develop their skills in greater depth. Students can also compete with their classmates on each activity and try to get onto the top 10 leaderboard. Schools also have the chance to compete against other schools in a bilateral competition (known as a Fai-To) where every student in a school collaborates to gain as many medals as possible in an attempt to beat the other school.

Pearson Realize
Image that corresponds to Pearson Realize

Realize your potential with rich and engaging content, embedded assessment with instant data, and flexible classroom management tools, Realize gives you the power to raise interest and achievement for every student.

Smarty Ants - Reading Intervention
Image that corresponds to Smarty Ants - Reading Intervention

Smarty Ants is designed to build reading skills and accelerate learning in an engaging, interactive online learning environment. Students learn through fun, animated, game-like activities. They even have their own personal ant “coach” to guide and instruct them while providing kind and motivating feedback along the way.

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