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4th Grade

Manga High:

4th grade level:

  • Stem and Leaf Plots
  • Draw Shapes and patterns on a Grid
  • Acute and Obtuse Angles
  • Times Tables and Division Facts
  • Deal with Remainders
  • Continue Number Sequences
  • Simplify Fractions
  • Find the Area of a Rectangle


Achieve3000:  Achieve

Social Studies:

  • Civil War Reconstruction: Where History Still Lives
  • Civil War and Reconstruction: The Words of the War
  • On the Go
  • Westward Expansion: Discovering Our World
  • Westward Expansion: The Rush to Riches
  • Early Republic: Where History Still Lives
  • Freeing the Slaves
  • Three People Who Change the World


  • Lunar Takeaway
  • A New View of the Sun
  • Hello Universe?  Anyone Home?
  • Have You Seen the Milky Way?
  • A Small Country Does Something Big
  • The Water Cops
  • Is Your Skin Crawling?
  • Plants and Animals Need Us



  • A New Use For Hair
  • A Greyhound’s Best Friend
  • Working at Working Out
  • Drive-Ins Are Back
  • Can You Take the Heat
  • The Seaweed State?
  • What’s Worth Reading? Ask a Kid
  • Laugh and Be Healthy