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3rd Grade

3rd Grade Technology Plan

Reading in Achieve 3000 (Achieve

  • Boon Mountain Episodes 1-5
  • The BTS Connection
  • Surprise Songbirds are Speedy
  • That’s my Jam
  • Jamie Wilson; Masterpiece Episodes; 1-5
  • The Ice Cream Report
  • Goofyfooting for Gold

Social Studies Assignments in Achieve 3000

  • From Little Havana to Chinatown
  • Games Done Quick
  • How to Spot a Hero
  • Is It Really True?
  • Making a Mark
  • Robbie Speaks For Parks
  • The Money Question
  • The Sweetest Idea

Science Assignment in Achieve 3000

  • A New World
  • As Earth Warms, Birds Move North
  • Cold Blooded Comfort
  • Greetings From Mars
  • Let Them Eat Leaves
  • To the Moon and Beyond
  • Venus? Maybe Later.
  • Big Bad Wolves... Or Not?

Math on Manga High:

  • Write one number as a fraction as another
  • Use Fractions
  • Find the area of a rectangle
  • Mental Multiplication and Division
  • Written Methods of Subtraction
  • Multiplying and Dividing by up to 5
  • Addition and Subtraction column method
  • Identify Halves and Quarters