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2nd Grade

2nd grade Technology Lessons

Social Studies assignments in Achieve:  Achieve

  1.  From Little Havana to China Town
  2. Happy Birthday, Yankee Doodle
  3. Thunder of the Plains
  4. Problems on the Mississippi
  5. What’s a Citizen?
  6. What’s Your Opinion?
  7. Local Governments
  8. State Governments

Science assignments in Achieve

  1.  A Plan to Plant a Trillion Trees
  2. What Plants Can Tell Us
  3. Trying to Save Plants and Animals
  4. A New Way to Grow Food
  5. Eye on the Whole Sky
  6. The Cold, Cold Moon
  7. A new Use for Old Clothes
  8. Space Age Help for Grandma

Reading Lessons in Achieve

  1.  Ancient Lines in the Sand
  2. Book, Tube Making Reading Social
  3. Twelve Years Old and in College
  4. Love Speaks
  5. Computers as Poets?  Not Yet
  6. A father to Fifty
  7. A Master int the Making
  8. Video Games Bad for the Brain?

Math Assignments in Manga High:

  1.  Calculate with length
  2. Add up to 1000
  3. Subtract up to 1000
  4. Add and Subtraction
  5. Hundreds, tens, units
  6. Recognize place value
  7. Telling the time-quarter hours and five minutes
  8. Area by counting squares