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Image that corresponds to Zoom

I will be hosting a Zoom meeting every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00-11:40am. Please join if you need any extra help or just want to see some friendly faces! You do not have to make an account to join the meetings. You will just click on the meeting link and it will take you straight into our session. When you are promted, please select to use audio and video for the sessin or l not be able to hear you. If you are having any problems getting into the meeting, try downloading the Zoom app and clicking join meeting. Then enter the meeting ID and password below.


This will take you to our classroom meeting. Meeting codes will change each time we meet and are only good for 40 minutes.

If you are having any technology issues, you can call of text me at (214)755-6243.

Image that corresponds to Pearson

Username: first name.last name (for example: rachel.pickett)

----if this username does not work try first name.last name.1 (for example: rachel.pickett.1) or first name.last name.2 (for example: rachel.pickett.2)----

Password: cubs1234

Image that corresponds to Edpuzzle

After clicking the link, you will need to click sign up to create an account. You will need to keep track of your log in information because I will not have access to it. Once the account has been created, you will be automatically added to my class, and you can see all assigned videos!

Manga High
Image that corresponds to Manga High

School ID: 320313

Username: first initial.last name (for example mine would be: r.pickett)

---- if this username does not work, try first name.last name (rachel.pickett)----

Password: cubs

Make sure that you do your ASSIGNED activities before you start searching your own.

Rachel Pickett

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