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My Distance Learning Schedule

While we are doing distance learning, I am available for any help students or parents need on Monday-Friday after 8am. Please contact me if you need any help with content, technology, or anything else related to what Oak Grove can provide for you.

Monday: I will be calling all of my homeroom parents to check in on how the students are doing. I would love to be able to speak to the student as well!

Tuesday: An online content video will be posted. I will be calling all of my third rotation’s parents.

Wednesday: I will be calling all of my second rotation’s parents.

Thursday: An online content video will be posted. There will also be a Zoom meeting from 11:00-11:40am.

Friday: I will be contacting parents of students who have not completed any work for the week.

You can see a more detailed schedule of daily/weekly assignments on the Student Lesson Schedule tab.

Miss you!

Rachel Pickett

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comment posted by on 05-15-2020
my grandpa
comment posted by Jonathan Barron on 05-06-2020
I would not want a new name, because I like my name. My family calls me Jo. I just like it.
comment posted by Jonathan on 04-27-2020
When I grow up, I want to be a youtuber because they get a lot of money by doing videos
comment posted by on 04-24-2020
i can do a clover leaf tongue
comment posted by jonathan on 04-21-2020
make a clover leaf with my tongue
comment posted by jennifer on 04-14-2020
my least favorite part is that i cant see my freinds as much and if i have a question my teachers are not there to help me right away
comment posted by aliyah on 04-14-2020
the least fav thing it to not see my teachers and not see my friends
comment posted by Jonathan Barron on 04-14-2020
My least favorite part of having to stay home during quarantine is not getting to see my cousins or other family and not getting to do easter.
comment posted by abby on 04-07-2020
yes I do enjoy it it is so much easier
comment posted by Jonathan Barron on 04-06-2020
yes because i can eat while working and no distractions
comment posted by on 04-06-2020
i can eat while doing work and i dont have any distractions
comment posted by Jonathan Barron on 04-06-2020
yes,because I don't have any distractions and I can eat while learning
comment posted by jennifer on 04-03-2020
my favorite thing a bout getting to stay home is that I get to have more fun and get to hang out with my family
comment posted by on 04-03-2020
my favorite part about staying home is that I can have more fun and free time with my family
comment posted by abby on 04-02-2020
the best part is getting to hang out w my dogs
comment posted by Jonathan Barron on 04-02-2020
The best part of staying home during quarantine is...Getting to play my video games and spending time with my family
comment posted by Lottie on 04-01-2020
My favorite part of the pandemic is freedom and walking around barefoot everywhere! I also enjoy seeing my family more often and having more quality time.
comment posted by aliyah huron on 03-30-2020
best thing about being home is I am more focused and not distracted. I get to see my family more during the day. I get to be in my pj's all day
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