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Zoom Meeting - QUESTIONS

Password: 9rW9LW

This zoom meeting will be for questions about any work you have left! You won’t need to stay the whole time!

Tuck Everlasting Epilogue

Today we are reading the Epilogue of Tuck Everlasting! 

Tuck Everlasting Ch. 24

In today’s video, we will be reading Ch. 24 of Tuck Everlasting.

Tuck Everlasting Ch. 22

Today we will read Ch. 22 and discuss your quick write for this section.

Tuck Everlasting Ch. 19

Today we are reading Ch 19 in Tuck Everlasting. This video was a little longer so I'm sorry for the weird beginning and ending!

Tuck Everlasting Ch. 15

Today we will read Ch. 15 from Tuck Everlasting and discuss our opinions on the man in the yellow suit.

Tuck Everlasting Ch. 14

In today’s video we are going to go over Ch. 14 and sequence the events from this section.

Tuck Everlasting Ch 10

Today we discuss Ch 10 and how it will effect Winnie in our video!

Tuck Everlasting Chapter 8

We will be reading chapter 8 in today's video and discussing a question from the packet!

April 14th - Tuck Everlasting Chapter 4

In today's video, we will read Chapter 4 and discuss a few of the questions about this chapter.

April 9th - Tuck Everlasting Ch. 2

Today I read through chapter 2 of Tuck Everlasting and help you learn more about the character Mae Tuck.

April 7th - Writing Prompt & Schedule

In this video we will discuss our schedule and what is due this week. I will also give you some ideas of how to get your writing started!

Tuck Everlasting Prologue

I did make a small mistake in here! Tomorrow is the 3rd, not today! I’m sorry! Also, since they have extended the break, Mrs. Hathaway has extended the due date to Monday, April 6th. I hope you enjoy this first chapter of Tuck Everlasting!

Introduction Video

In this video I will be explaining how to use our class website and where everything will be located at!


To sign in, you will need to scan your QR code (these are in the photo album, and there is one for each class, so make sure you scan the right one!) and then find your name. Then you will see all of your assignments on homepage! All of your assignments will be posted directly to me once you finish.


Your login is your firstname.lastname. If that doesn’t work, try adding .1 or .2 at the end. Your password is cubs1234. You will be given assignments through math, reading, and science on this website.

Achieve 3000


Writing Prompts

Each day your child needs to be writing! This can be done in a journal or typed on a computer. This is a list of 365 prompts they can choose from each day to do a little writing. As a tell the kids, if you don’t use it, you lose it! So writing is a very important part of their day!


This will be the website you use for your math assignments you receive from Mrs. Pickett.

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