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Daily Schedule

Here is a link to an idea for a daily schedule while we are out of school! We will talk more about this schedule on Tuesday, April 7th.

Zoom Meetings with Mrs. Stone! 

  1. Tuesday’s 10:00-10:40
  2. Thursday’s 10:00-10:40

Week of March 30th - April 3rd

  1. The students will need to continue working on their Achieve 3000 lessons.
  2. The students will need to watch the videos on Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. Using the information from Thursday’s video, answer the questions from SeeSaw about the section we read together! This will not be due until April 7th! This is mainly so we can make sure that the SeeSaw app is going to work!

Week of April 6th – 10th

  1. Start reading the book, Tuck Everlasting Prologue, Ch. 1 and Ch. 2
  2. Complete Student Chapter Packet Questions to include(if you are doing technology, these will be on the SeeSaw website):
    -Multiple Choice
    -Character Analysis
    -Comprehension and Analysis
  3. This week you will write a page using the following prompt. Writing Prompt: Outside the Window: What’s the weather outside your window doing right now? If that’s not inspiring, what’s the weather like somewhere you wish you could be?

Here is the link to Tuck Everlasting. We will be reading sections of this book together.

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