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Educational History:

I attended one year of elementary school on Long Island, New York and one year in Durban, South Africa. I also attended a bilingual elementary school in Cape Town, South Africa. The education standards were high. There were no multiple choice questions; we had to know the information. Essay-length answers were required. In my day, high schoolers in South Africa found out if they graduated by looking at the first newspaper published each New Year.

Degrees and Certifications:

I have a Master degree in Communication Disorders, with a minor in Audiology. Following my graduate degree, I completed a year’s internship, earning my Certificate of Clinical Competence.

Professional Development:

My therapeutic areas of interest are in early childhood development, Expressive Language Disorder. Fluency, and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. At TSHA’s 2016 annual conference, I presented a session on FASD. I thoroughly enjoy the process of evaluations. For four years, I was on an assessment team, with several developmental pediatricians, psychological examiners, and speech-language therapists. We evaluated all of the children placed into the foster care system in the state of Arkansas. The Department of Family Services followed our teams’ recommendations. 

Family Information:

My daughter attends Frenship High School because of the transition opportunities she will be provided. Project Search has come to Texas! Three school districts and Covenant have formed a strong partnership that allows high schoolers with special needs to go through three internships with Covenant. Her TWFC caseworker is fantastic at providing opportunities for her to build pre-employment skills.  

Personal Information:

I love reading a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, but not poetry. As a child, Charles Dickens and the Bronte sisters were my favorite authors.

We enjoy thinking of ideas and creating things.

I like playing cards, dominoes, and board games.

We eat home-cooked meals every night.

We have three dogs.

Virginia Jones

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637-6455 Ext 4110
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